an essay on teachers are better than doctors

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Certain people differ in their opinion on this issue. Someone who had a doctor saving their life stands firm on the fact: doctors are better. Actually, it is not so much about figuring out who is more important. It's not a competition. The reason we cover the subject: why teachers are better than doctors is to attract your attention
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29.10.2013 -
Teachers (primary school lecturers?) vs Doctors (university research faculty?) Teachers are a prime means of transmitting knowledge to the youth. We rely on them for ensuring the knowledge base of our society to be maintained and grow. It's important to have teachers who can inspire young children to
Guys debate on how the scientists are better than doctors; give good points and reasons for your points... Now changed to: "A Teacher is better than a Doctor". Sir-Phil Mod. Thanls for this, but which cartegory of scientists are you referring to? Because a doctor is equally a scientist. (sirphil). Mr Paul Mod. I equally wanted to
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Without teachers there won' t be doctors figure dis out where do doctors go to become whome they are today? Your guess is as good as mine. School, which doctor in the world today that does not have a doctorate degree in either a university or any other higher institution in the world it doesn
Practically speaking being a Doctor is way better than being a Teacher, why because a doctor gets higher salaries than teachers, sad truth. I think there's no doubt why they get higher salaries because being a doctor is a tough Job. They perform surgeries in order to save someones life, the one who give medicines to cure
Why teacher is more important than doctor? And without food they would die before than become teachers or doctors. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) I'm watching.Reasons Why Teachers Are Better Than Doctor better in schools than female teachers are male More To Being a Teacher.Model IELTS salaries essay with lesson on earn much

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